Bedenham Pier

Marine UXO Survey

EODEX were contracted by Jacobs to provide suitably qualified and experienced personnel (SQEP) and specialised equipment to carry out intrusive Cone Penetration Tests (CPT) (magnetometer cone) and Sub Bottom Imaging (SBI) surveys at the Bedenham Pier site.

Pier 1
Pier 2


Bedenham Pier is in the Northwest section of Portsmouth Harbour and is the current ammunitioning jetty utilised by the UK MOD to provide explosive stores to Royal Navy vessels. The UXO surveys were conducted and overseen by an EODEX representative supervising CPT, GPR, Coring, and SBI operations.

The object of the operation was to conduct a full survey to determine the existence of any items buried in the seabed and which would meet the potential UXO (pUXO) criteria and pose a risk to follow on construction works at the site.


The survey area was divided into 3 separate survey zones, which covered the pier, fender piles and the pontoon pile locations with a 30m outer zone around the pier where marine plant could be used within the scope of works.

CPT Survey

A total of 48 No. fender piles, 2 No. restraint pontoon piles, 16 No. crane deck piles, and 1 No. fire pump pontoon pile were surveyed using a 20t excavator mounted CPT rig. In addition, a further 15 No. existing piles, not being replaced, were surveyed by CPT prior to removal.

Sub Bottom Imager (SBI) Survey

PanGeo Subsea were subcontracted by EODEX to undertake a SBI survey to a distance of 30m around the pier. to enable the placement of marine plant for the forthcoming jetty upgrade works.


From the extensive survey through CPT and SBI no targets meeting the pUXO criteria were identified, ALARP certification was subsequently issued. The project was completed ahead of time and under budget.

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