Target Disposal / Relocation / Removal

After completion of the physical target investigation and identification phase, targets will have been classified as cUXOs or debris which, almost certainly, will require to be relocated, recovered to the vessel or destroyed. The most appropriate method will be dependent upon such factors as type, location, condition, and depth. 

EODEX has the ability carry to out all forms of relocation, recovery and cUXO disposal – including beach, intertidal, nearshore and offshore zones. This can involve mechanical means, EOD and commercial dive teams, and WROVs depending on specific project requirements.

For targets identified for detonation, we strongly recommend the use of Low Order deflagration which is a proven system and the most environmentally friendly method of UXO disposal currently available to the commercial world. In effect, Low order deflagration ‘burns out’ the explosive contents thus avoiding the dramatic noise and shock waves associated with High Order detonations which historically have caused widespread destruction to marine mammals and their habitats up to 26kms away from detonation site.

EODEX can also provide the full Environmental Monitoring service required under the Regulator’s Marine Licence requirements. This can include Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs), Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAMs), Acoustic Deterrent Devices (ADDs), and Noise Monitoring equipment along with associated operational personnel. We have existing agreements with specialist companies who regularly provide this service for us and our clients. 

EODEX also has its own proprietary micro bubble curtain, The Subsea Sound Suppression System, which has been tested and approved by government bodies and helps further quieten any process we carry out. The further addition of the EODEX Subsea Sound Suppressor offers clients the ultimate assurance of environmental preservation.

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