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At EODEX, our mission is to be the world leader in delivering safe and environmentally considerate seabed clearance operations capability.

Our Mission

We are committed to guiding clients from initial Desktop Study to ALARP Certification, utilising top-tier expertise, advanced techniques, and specialised tools. Collaborating with trusted suppliers, we ensure optimal project outcomes with a focus on superior environmental safeguarding, enhanced safety measures, and substantial cost efficiencies. Our dedication to delivering a comprehensive project lifecycle service empowers clients to navigate the complexities of subsea ventures with confidence and achieve unparalleled success in challenging clearance operations.

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Our Vision

At EODEX we are passionate about wanting to improve the offshore industry and bring our unique capabilities to change how we address the “Safer Seabed” requirement. We see biodiversity in the marine environment as a precious entity that should not be subjected to any unnecessary distress. By inspiring the global offshore industry with excellence in seabed clearance our vision is the safe and considerate delivery of clear seabeds in our marine environment.

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Our Values

We fully support the global movement for cleaner and sustainable energy. Our world-leading methodologies provide safe solutions that protect the marine environment and minimise impact on its inhabitants. With innovative systems and experienced teams, we deliver uncompromising projects, making a significant impact in this specialised industry niche. Our core values embody our unwavering principles, our priorities, and the non-negotiable aspects of our work.

Core Values

  • Excellence

    Delivering outstanding work by the very best people; we are constantly looking to improve.

  • Integrity

    We are straightforward, authentic and fully committed to supporting our partners and clients’ needs.

  • Professionalism

    We are drawn to operational challenges that require our expertise, knowledge and experience to resolve.

  • Collaboration

    One team ethos; our best work is done together.

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