Stage 3 - Target Investigation / Identification

Following the initial UXO survey, data processing, data analysis and provision of a Master Target List, EODEX can assess the risk and create a risk mitigation strategy for the client as outlined in CIRIA C754. 

The requirements of the client are always paramount and clients can have complete confidence that the EODEX team will thoroughly mitigate all potential risks and identify the best way to achieve ALARP status. The outcome of the risk mitigation process can have a number of different possible outcomes including:

  • Determining the UXO risk as insignificant and thus no further intervention will be required.
  • Create a strategy to reduce the risk to 'As Low As Reasonably Practicable' (ALARP) status which could include pUXO investigation and identification along with possible cUXO disposal or relocation, along with debris removal.

If the decision is made to proceed to a Target Investigation phase, we tailor our vessel chartering services to align with the specific demands of your project. Whilst we don’t own our own vessels (which we believe is advantageous), we have full access to a diverse fleet of vessels through our network of reputable suppliers, ensuring the right vessel is used for the project and that EODEX always maintains a client centric approach. Our commitment to excellence extends to onshore and offshore personnel, equipment and subcontractors so you can benefit from a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who ensure the safe and efficient operation of vessels. We can also provide all relevant equipment ie WROV’s through our range of suppliers to meet the unique requirements of your project.

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