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EODEX stands as a testament to the wealth of knowledge derived from our team's extensive experience. Initially our focus was centred around UXO investigation, identification and removal / disposal.

Latterly, clients have asked us to provide a more all-encompassing service and deliver completely cleared seabeds for subsequent construction / installation activities to commence as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. In collaboration with selected subcontractors, we now have the ability to provide this. In our pursuit of excellence, we always look to go beyond the conventional approach. We continually strive to deliver truly workable, efficient and cost-effective seabed clearance solutions. We are already fully equipped with the complete range of explosive ordnance disposal capabilities and strongly recommend the use of Low Order deflagration where appropriate for UXO disposals as it is easily the most environmentally approach and greatly minimises any detrimental effect on the seabed and to sea life.

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This approach has allowed us to deliver to date more environmentally friendly UXO disposal than any other commercial concern in the world. Having successfully achieved this, it was quite logical that we would move towards providing the other services required to provide full service proposition to achieve complete seabed clearance.

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EODEX has proudly demonstrated its capabilities through recent successful projects such as Ocean Wind’s Moray West OWF in the UK’s Moray Firth and Dominion Energy’s Coastal Virginia Offshore Windfarm work, Norfolk, USA in 2023. These achievements underscore our ability to provide a truly comprehensive service, from initial Desk Top Studies to the provision of 'As Low As Reasonably Practicable' (ALARP) certification. Our unwavering dedication to delivering a full project lifecycle service empowers clients to navigate the intricacies of seabed clearance with confidence.

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