January 2023

Chemical Weapon (CW) Neutralisation Capability

Now Available For Commercial Operations.

EODEX is pleased to offer chemical weapon (CW) neutralisation capability in the subsea arena.

Having recently signed a working agreement with a world leading technological organisation internationally recognised for delivering the very latest proven military technology for this specialist task we can now offer a capability to enable chemical weapon neutralisation either directly on the seabed or from a vessel deck after recovery of munitions from the seafloor.

This capability has been presented to various government science communities and been successfully used by militaries across the world; it is now available for commercial applications. It is the only equipment in the world which safely enables EOD/CBRN teams to investigate and neutralise chemical and biological threats by dealing directly with the internal contents of CW.

The system is based on two basic premises:

  • The only proven method to positively identify a chemical/ biological agent within a sealed CW munition is to obtain a physical sample.
  • Once the threat has been confirmed it must be disposed of, using this neutralisation technique it offers a step change capability from old disruption or blow in place (BIP) methodologies which pose a significant risk of contamination to personnel and the environment.

The system offers options to conduct completely sealed access to the target through casing made from a wide range of materials including metals and plastics. Once installed the probe gives fully sealed access for sampling, extraction or neutralisation of the contents. It can also be used for investigations using endoscope systems.
Fully portable with multiple power options, the target’s contents can be sampled, identified and the correct neutralisation process applied. The technology can be attached to any target regardless of diameter and orientation with limited access. Once drilled, the target can be sampled, drained and decontaminated through the same probe without the need for additional drilling. The system can be deployed via diver or ROV and can deal with munitions up to 16mm wall thickness.
For more information on how we might assist on your specific projects, please contact us at enquiries@eodexgroup.com

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