March 2024

LO vs HO HM Government Trials Results Published

Recent HM Government-sponsored trials compared High Order vs Low Order.



EODEX has advocated for marine conservation in the context of UXO disposal over the past 4 years. Through our dedication to the ‘Stop the Sea Blasts’ campaign and with support from Joanna Lumley, we successfully influenced the government to prioritise Low Order Deflagration.

Recent HM Government sponsored trials in the North Sea comparing High Order vs Low Order Deflagration detonations have reached a conclusion in which results have been published by the Marine Pollutions Bulletin.

As anticipated, the findings confirm that Low Order Deflagration UXO disposal is significantly less detrimental to the marine environment than High Order.

In 2023, EODEX applied the Low Order technique to dispose of over 80 cUXOs on the Moray West OWF project, achieving an impressive 100% success rate. We are pleased that the acknowledgement of the techniques EODEX has championed for so long is being recognised as the preferred method of UXO disposal.

As the only company to have successfully used Low Order Deflagration in the commercial world to date, EODEX remains committed to spearheading the industry in Low Order UXO disposal initiatives.

The results to the trials can be read at the following link:- In-situ comparison of high-order detonations and low-order deflagration methodologies for underwater unexploded ordnance (UXO) disposal – ScienceDirect.

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